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Andy McGrath, Cryptozoology Enthusiast and author of Beasts of Britain

with over 25 years of research and obsession about the unknown creatures living right under our noses, here on this tiny island in the North Atlantic.


From a wildlife point of view, the accepted fauna of The British Isles were discovered and cataloged in their finite and immovable state in the 19th century. Nothing has really been added to this list or considered worthy since and the continual reports of Water Monsters, Bigfoot, Mystery Big Cats and UFC's (Unidentified Flying Cryptids) are largely ignored or used as newspaper fillers to entertain us.

Andy's focus is on current research and recent sightings, pictures, videos and eyewitness accounts of the many cryptids of the British Isles.


Although vast advancements in science and technology have brought great discoveries in other lesser known parts of the world, our island lies largely under explored and overlooked. At night, outside of the busy cities and next to the unlit lakes and lonely mountains it is an island in darkness, where nobody ventures into the woods anymore and the pervading paradigm scares all but the most fool hardy scientists away from any serious investigation of the many yet to be discovered - Beasts Of Britain.

Beast of Britain, The Documentary Series

As the author of Beasts of Britain and Speaker, (CryptidCon, International Cryptozoology Conference and others) he is also currently working on his own TV documentary type series under the same name: Beasts of Britain, whilst also continuing his passion for writing about cryptids and out of place animals in other parts of the world. His new title ‘Beasts of North America’, is planned for release in 2019. Below you can sample a taste of what the TV series would be like with this teaser trailer. ENJOY!

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I am currently preparing to record a new teaser trailer for my TV series - Beasts of Britain, booking talks in the UK and the US for 2019 and writing my new title, 'Beasts of North America'. All of these things, of course, cost time and money and are currently self-funded. I would be grateful for a cup of ko-fi to see me through. Best regards, Andy McGrath

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